Monday, March 22, 2010

Engagement Session Downtown Salt Lake City

We were so lucky to have a beautiful, sunny and "warm" day to shoot their engagements. The snow hit hard the next day :) They wanted to have a 50's vintage feel to their pictures, so we shot around some of the old buildings downtown and pulled out the antique suitcases. They had tried really hard to find a vintage car for their shoot, but nothing came available. But just as we were close to ending our shoot, in comes an old classic car down the alley way we were shooting in! The man was just there to unload some food products for a restaurant. We hurried over to ask if we could shoot some pictures by the car. It was just TOO perfect! What a lucky couple! Come back soon to see her bridals in April... we have an awesome location picked out for her "vintage" style!

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  1. Such a small world! I know Kristi from high school and these pictures are totally the girl I know! Good job and congrats to them both!

  2. Lauren, you know everyone that I know!!! We must be destined to be good friends!!! Ha!