Monday, May 10, 2010


Can't wait to shoot at this couple's wedding this weekend:) I have all these fun ideas for their day, it's like waiting for Christmas!

I know I've already posted this image on my blog, BUT I absolutely love it and I wanted to show off the awesome car edit that my friends at Nichols Photo Lab did for me. There is only so much I can do in photoshop. Every once in a while I find that there are things I just can't fix in a photo and have it look, well... like I didn't fix it :) So, I outsource the crazy stuff for insurance that my clients photos will look superb!

If you go to my old blog..., you'll see the original picture there. This couple wanted sooo badly to have a classic car in their engagement photos. They couldn't track one down last minute, so we decided to forego it. BUT, just as we were wrapping up our session, in comes this awesome classic truck, blue flames and all right down our alley way. We jumped on the opportunity that seemed to fall right out of the sky! Because we couldn't choose the location of where the driver parked his car, (btw, we did ask him if we could use it), we were left with a modern sedan in the background of this shot. Blah. But, it wasn't too much for Nichols to make that four-door disappear! Thanks!

Okay, now for some fun...

I am going to pick a random commenter from my blog (my new blog) and gift this person a $35 print credit! I will choose the person at random the first part of June. So start commenting away! And feel free to comment more than once... you're chances will go up!

Have a great week everybody!


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