Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Hello! I'm back! The jet lag is finally leaving and I'm back in business! Nathan and I had an amazing time in the Greek Isles this past week. I can't even tell you how heavenly it is there! Crystal blue ocean waters, crisp-white painted buildings and homes hanging on the edges of cliffs and ooooh.... baklava!

And as I am infamous for posting one image at a time... I can't break the tradition, right? I have sooo much to catch up on and will be posting all of these fun sessions soon, plus more from Greece. I think I got some fun pictures there and it was awesome to capture landscapes, but I think I'll stick to portraiture :)

p.s. if anyone wants to have their wedding in the Greek Isles... sign me up! I'll come shoot your wedding in a heartbeat!


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  1. Are you going to have some if there's available to buy, cause I would buy them. Can't wait to see more. Glad you had a good time .