Friday, September 9, 2011


So, we plan a vaca to Oceanside, CA for a week and what do I do? Book a few senior sessions to keep me busy! LOL! I just don't know how to relax, do I? Actually, I've been quite the beach bum with my kiddos. And Nate, well you know, he's gone back to his roots and has been surfing everyday. I know, don't get too jealous... we'll be back to the "grind" of normal life very soon.

So here is a peek at Jordan's session. Doesn't she just look so beautiful?... a little like Taylor Swift:) I'll post some of Brooke's session, too. But for now... gotta go to bed.

Oh and yes, we had fun being part of the "black out" on the coast. It sure made for an interesting night!


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