Sunday, November 21, 2010


Kids can have the BEST natural expressions. They are so honest and so candid. They can tell you so much in their sweet innocent eyes...or rather some may not be so innocent! Anyways, I admire how REAL children can be in front of the camera.

Sometimes these REAL expressions can be hard to find because most kids, when put in front of a camera, are trained to say "cheese". I say BLAHHH to "cheese"!!!! I would never tell a child to say cheese at one of my sessions!

My first born had the WORST "say cheese"-itis! And no, I did not cause it...the daycare that he attended caused it.... I'll shift the blame to someone else! It took him a few years to finally figure out that he didn't have to FORCE a smile. I guess it's just a phase... and honestly, sometimes it is pretty funny just how distorted kids can make their face look in a picture. But let's be honest, all of us moms and dads out there only need a few of the "cheesy" smiles in our memory books, not a thousand of them. We want to remember our kids the way they really look... natural.

So all you parents out there, do yourselves a favor and stop telling your child to say cheese, cause that's all you'll get is the cheesy smiles, stiff and unnatural looks... not real expressions.

The best thing you can do is INTERACT with your child. Talk to them about their favorite subject and watch their face light up. Click the camera in between their sentences... when they pause to think about what they said or you just said. That's when you get the natural expressions.

So now that I've gone on a tangent....I tend to do that when it's late!.... On to Little miss "K" who did such a great job of giving me natural expressions. Its amazing what you can see in a sweet child's face when they are completely natural.


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