Thursday, April 22, 2010


I am just over half way with editing the mini sessions. They have kept me working FULL TIME! I'm sure my children are wondering why the heck I am on my computer so much. My five year old asked me yesterday "Mom, why do you take pictures of people? I told him that I do it because I love it. I told him that my photography is kind of like his art projects at school. I play around with color and shapes and light. Once I compared it to art at school, he lit up and understood exactly what I was saying. So then the rest of the day he was pretending that he was a photographer. Taking an old hand-me down camera that we gave him, he told me that he was going to take pictures of me. "Ok Mom, I need you to stand by the blue stool... Ok Mom, I need you to do something different this time," Then he would bring the camera over and show me the LCD.."See, look, it looks good". This just cracked me up! The real kicker was that he stood in the "photographer stance" that I'm sure he's seen me do a million times :) Ha! And then he asked me "Mom, can I come with you to take pictures? I won't get in the way. I'll just take pictures too." It melted my heart. He really is getting to be a big boy. Right then and there, I realized that I could start bringing him to some of my shoots (the non complicated ones, that is). I love my boy :)

Anyways, back to the mini shoots.... I just wanted to share a favorite image from last weekend. This little girl was seriously SO easy to photograph. She cooperated like I've never seen a two year old cooperate, she was so mild mannered and gave such great natural expressions. I just wanted to take her home with me :)

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  1. Cute! Cute! Can't wait to see more. Love em'

  2. Hmmm, a two year old that cooperates. I wonder what that is like?!
    She is a cutie. Love the white dress by the faded white barn door.

  3. Michelle... you have no worries. I just finished up your session and you have SOOO many cute pictures of your little guy! Can't wait to show you real soon :)